Looking for options to customize quiz radio buttons

Aug 09, 2013

One of our more "creative" stakeholders asked whether there's a way to customize our quiz choice radio buttons to look like little bombs (a running theme in our activity) that would "explode" if the participant chose the incorrect answer.

I see where radio buttons can be styled, but aside from manually editing the states of each quiz choice (arrrgh!) is there any option to make this happen? Open to suggestions. Thanks!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Greg,

Cute idea! There isn't a way to upload a specific icon/image for the radio buttons, but your idea (although time consuming) would be the way around it. Depending on how your quizzes are set up - instead of adding the explosion option to each individual radio button (assuming there is more than two choices per questions, which would be a lot) could you add the image to the feedback layer for incorrect, so that looks like it's exploding? May save you a bit of time. 

I'll also turn it to the community to see what other creative ideas they can come up with! 

Thijs Aarts

I've seen the video, but this isn't helpful for creating customized radio buttons in a quiz, since you can't actually edit the radio buttons. Is there still no way around this? Am I always bound to radio buttons when creating a multiple choice question? Same for a true/false question. What I want is to show two similar buttons with text in them. What I get is two options with radio buttons and text next to them. If I go to states I can't get rid of the existing radiobuttons. I might be able to put something on top of the standard button and text, but then I have to do this manually for each question. Am I right? I've found a lot of post about customizing the radio buttons and other buttons. This one is 4 years old. Has anything changed since then?

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