Storyline 2 Quiz preview shows correct answers already pre-selected (but shouldn't)

Feb 13, 2017

Normally, when previewing a quiz slide, for multiple choice or true/false there are radio buttons that are not filled. You then click on your choice to see what layer is showing for correct/incorrect.

In this case, the preview is already showing the correct answer choice with a color-filled radio button. We uploaded that quiz to our LMS, and also there the same behavior: the quiz was correctly pre-selected instead of showing empty radio buttons.

How can we fix this in the story file so that the quiz is NOT showing the correctly selected answer? What could be the root cause during the quiz creation in Storyline 2?

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Walt Hamilton


It's a feature, not a bug. The radio buttons are filled when you look at them in editing mode. This is designed so you can be able to pre-fill a button. The correct answers are selected in form view, but don't show in slide view. Deselect in edit mode in slide view, and try it again.

The MC slide worked for me. There the answers show in slide view, but did not in preview.

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