Looking for some training resource

Hi everyone,

I'm putting on a 2 day seminar for staff next week (we've all switched over to Storyline- yay!) and I'm looking for any free resources to use in this training.  Mostly looking for either job aids or quick reference guides that I can hand out in class as takeaways.  Beginner level items.  I'm just running low on time here and was wondering if anyone had any off the shelf type items.



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David Anderson

Hi Mitch -

You could also share a couple templates from the free downloads and use those to walk users through editing and customizing existing resources. http://community.articulate.com/downloads/g/storyline/default.aspx

We have a really great thread from a few weeks ago with suggested books, tutorials and resources for getting started with Storyline.
Mitch Weiss

This stuff is exactly what I was looking for.  I think between the job aid and all the items on the download page I should have enough to hand out.  I also like the idea of walking through customizing existing resources - hand on activity.

Scott, I agree with you.  I think it might be nice if I could post my resources from this class for future use by the community.  I know I can put it in a post or on my site, but being able to put stuff on the downloads page really consolidates it.

Thanks guys