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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Margaret,

Are you looking for a consultant or someone to hire who could assist you with this or some general guidelines in regards to fixing your course for 508 compliance? If looking to hire someone you may also want to post this query as a part of the Jobs hub or within the Building Better Courses side of the forums. 

If you're looking for recommendations to meet the guidelines, its often course and user specific - did they share which guidelines you were not meeting? You may also want to review our general 508 information here. 

Margaret Murphy

Hi Steve,

Thanks for asking. Unfortunately, the feedback wasn't crystal clear. This is what the reviewer said:

"The way Articulate Storyline handles things is very strange, and not good from an accessibility perspective.

Storyline creates two versions of the presentation, and automatically selects which one the user views. As far as I can tell there is no way to choose which version is displayed- it defines this automatically. On my windows computer in Firefox/IE one displayed, on Mac in Safari I got a different one. 

 Adobe Flash-based presentation:

​Supports keyboard navigation (tab keys seem to work consistently)
*May* support screen readers on Windows but has no assistive technology support on Mac due to Adobe's restrictions on the Flash platform
**I have been unable to test with a screen reader on Windows, as I have not been able to get this to load in Flash form on my windows system.
No support for mobile devices or browsers that do not support Flash (FireFox has disabled Flash support for security reasons)
May pose issues for magnifiers and other assistive technology
HTML5-based presentation
​Completely inaccessible- does not support keyboard navigation, no functional links for Screen Readers, text is all embedded in images without alt text
Functions on mobile devices and browsers that do not support Flash, but does not provide accessibility on these platforms
As far as I know the college does not officially support Storyline; every time I have looked at something produced using it I have seen these same issues. 
While it is entirely possible to create engaging, interactive content that is fully accessible, Storyline has serious limitations as a tool in my (limited) experience. We do not allow storyline presentations on the public website for these reasons (among others)."

This is the Storyline activity he reviewed:  http://staging.hiteducation.org/upload/IndividualModels/story.html

I'm also going to post an announcement on the jobs board for someone to do up to 10 hours of train-the-trainer work on making a Storyline piece 508 compliant.  If you know someone who might be a good fit, would love to have contact information. 



Margaret Murphy

Hi Ashley,

We're just looking for someone to do up to 10 hours of train-the-trainer work for us on 508 compliance. Because this is not an official "job" with a URL on a company website, I'm unable to post in the jobs forum (because I have not job url). Is there any way around this?  Thanks.

Steve Flowers

Hi Margaret - 

If the user's platform does not have Flash installed for a particular browser, it will automatically load the HTML5 version. This version is NOT accessible at all. So the tester's observation is right, there.

If loading on Windows with the Flash player installed, the tester should not see the HTML5 version as the Flash version should load. Screen readers like NVDA should also work. The Flash version is far more accessible. For the record, the JAWS reader classically only worked in IE with Flash-based content. I can't speak for the organization's testing program but it sounds like there isn't anything you can do to make the content generated by Storyline comply with their expectations. 

1) Won't work on mobile devices. Not accessible on tablets or phones.

2) Flash blocked on Firefox (This isn't universal. Firefox has NOT permanently blocked Flash in all versions -- some organizations have chosen to leave it blocked) HTML5 version not accessible.

I haven't tested NVDA on mac with Storyline's output but I have in all browsers on Windows. It does function if the Storyline file is setup with tab order and alt text populated well. If it is assumed that some users challenged with disabilities will not have the Flash player, then Storyline might not be a good choice. If it is assumed that most or all will, the tester should match that configuration and test. It's probably a good idea to try to match that configuration and run a test to know for sure anyway, rather than throwing in the towel;) But that's just me.

Steve Flowers

And I should mention - please submit a feature request to work towards making the HTML5 output accessible. I'd like to make this a priority as well. More people with disabilities are using devices to help make their lives easier. Apple's iOS platform offers outstanding support for a broad range of needs where the content also supports it.

Rishi  Thakur

Hi Margaret,

I have 10 years of experience in the eLearning design & development. I have expertise in many elearning development tools, technologies and standards like Adobe Flash, Adobe Captivate, Articulate Presenter/QuizMaker/Engager, Storyline, MS Powerpoint, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, Adobe Presenter, SCORM 1.2/2004/AICC, Moodle.

I am able to develop learning materials, from concept to storyboard, through to design and creation, and delivery, both face-to-face and online. I am proficient in the use of Lectora, Captivate, Articulate and Camtasia to develop engaging e-learning courses and instructional videos, and have the ability to create SCORM and AICC compliant materials. I do instructional design for both eLearning and classroom based interactions.

* Instructional Design/Content Development/Storyboarding * CBT/WBT course development * e learning project documentation * Instructor led Training (ILT) to Computer or Web-based Training (CBT/WBT) * Custom eLearning /mLearning development * SCORM conversions * User interface/ template designs * elearning conversion to HTML5, course conversion to iOS devices * Moodle LMS setup and installation.

Kindly share your mail Id so that I can share some samples.