Looking to sort a large list of things into 4 categories

Mar 16, 2020


I think I need to use drag and drop to make this work but I seem to be getting tied up. I'm pretty much brand new to articulate and still trying to figure out the functionality. I've searched through the other questions, but none seem to have my request.


Can anyone help?



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Nena Erickson Oakes

Here is the slide specifically. I want to take the rectangles from above and put them in the correct division listed below. When they get there, I want it to tell the learner if they were right or not. I've spent way too much time on this, but I think I need to understand this before I try anymore interactions.

Walt Hamilton

You've done a good job so far, and you're almost there. You just need to tell the system what the correct answers are.

Click on Form View


Then in the left pane, choose each item you want dragged. In the right pane, choose where you want it dragged.


Then from the ribbon, go to Drag and Drop options, and experiment with Drop Target Options, so the dropped items will act the way you want them to in the target. Tile may keep them from stacking on top of each other.


Nena Erickson Oakes

Walt, this was awesome and so easy to use. Thank you very much for your help. The only thing I am missing now is how to show whether the learner is correct with their selections. I am searching the forums for an answer but I'm getting stuck on I don't think I'm asking the right thing. Also, I'm finding two answers about slide layers and feedback layers? Could you please shed any light on this topic too please?

Walt Hamilton


Give each draggable item a Drop Correct and a Drop Incorrect state, then set the number of tries to more than one. When that happens, if they miss one, they will have a chance to Try Again, and the items will show the appropriate state. In the sample, I did that for NS Works.

This User Guide may answer some questions for you as you are getting started. https://community.articulate.com/series/articulate-storyline-360

As to layers, when you use a built-in question format, it provides Correct and Incorrect feedback (and if more than one attempt, a Try Again) layer. These show up automatically, but you can customize the message in the Form View.

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