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Martin Garnett

Hi, Chris!

You could achieve this by putting the images on different layers. 

  • Put Image 1 on layer a.
  • Create a trigger on base layer saying: On Timeline start, show layer a.
  • Make layer a's timeline the length you want to show the image for, eg. 1 second.
  • On layer a, create a trigger saying: On Timeline end, show layer b.
  • Create another trigger on layer a saying: On Timeline end, hide this layer. (NOTE: it must appear after/beneath the first trigger. Otherwise it'll just hide the layer before showing the next).
  • Repeat process with layer b -> whatever.
  • on final layer, say show layer a.

This is actually the process you can use to create a simple timer - but that's out of scope for this question.

Hope this helps!


Chris Undery

Thanks Martin, worked a treat. I've set it up with random bars as an animation and looks great. Only thing I could do to improve would be if I could get the images to merge into each other rather than there being a delay (very slight) between the one closing and the next opening. Any way of doing this?

Martin Garnett


Basically, you just need to change the trigger saying: Show layer b when Timeline ends...

For this explanation, I want my images to be shown for 2 seconds, and a fade of 0.5 seconds.

  • I'll set all my layers to 2s long.
  • I'll change the trigger to say: Show layer b when Timeline reaches 1.5 seconds.
  • On all my images I'll give them a fade in animation with a duration of 0.5s.

What I've done, is say that I want to show the next layer, before the timeline ends, the same time as it takes the animate in. This keeps your previous image on screen whilst your next one animates in, and then it'll still hide the layer once the new image is in position.

hope this makes sense. Let me know if you need anything cleared up.