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Jan 11, 2016

New to Storyline 2, and loving it!!!

Does anyone know how to "loop" text boxes, or even if this can be done?  I'm creating a slide that will have a person's picture displayed, while their biography continues to display for the length of the slide.  I have separated the bio into paragraphs and each paragraph is a different text box.  Paragraph 1 fades in, displays for 30 seconds and fades out, the next paragraph fades in, displays, fades out, etc. 

It works great if only playing once, but I would like to continuously loop them until the slide is changed to the next speaker where their slide would appear with their picture, bio, etc.

Any ideas on how I can do this?

Many thanks...

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Walt Hamilton

You can put each paragraph on its own layer.

Layer starts when you want the text to appear, and its timeline runs until you want the second paragraph. Set a trigger to show layer 2 when timeline of layer 1 ends. Have the last layer show the first when it is finished.

You can advance to the next slide by means of the timeline on the base layer, if none of the layers pauses the base timeline, or it can be done by clicking on an object on the base layer, if no layer prevents that.  Be sure each layer hides other layers. (these are all layer settings, found by clicking the gear icon to the right of the layer name.

To fasde in and out, the text needs to have the animation set on it, as transitions do not apply to layers.

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