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Christine Hounsham

Hi Philippe, Interesting challenge.  Attached is a possible solution to the first part of the problem - ie have text appear on the spacebar press.  The second challenge on how to apply across the whole course might require some more thought.  

In case it helps anyone in proposing a whole course solution, attached is my by slide workings. 

Philippe JEANTY

Well thanks... that does work, but i have some 2000 slides and that would not be practical ! Besides mostly the text is in a single box, with different paragraphs. I think this is how Powerpoint or Aldus Persuasion used to work.

In this untitled story, there is a single text box, and my preference would be for it to open, show the first paragraph and wait for SPACEBAR to be pressed before showing the second paragraph. I realize i could use some kludgy methods of hiding the bottom of the text and progressively uncovering it, but there must be a more elegant way to do that.

Phil Mayor

There isn’t a simple solution, I would have built it on separate slides with a trigger to jump to next when space is pressed. 

If you had them as separate text you could pause timeline when entrance animation of each bicycle completes and pressing space unpauses. Again lots of work to retrofit. 

Philippe JEANTY

I don't know about how others works but typically when I develop a lecture I present it myself a couple dozen times to feel the flow and the reaction of the audience. Thus for several month there is no written or spoken narration, i just make it as i go, and develop or reduce some aspects. I find it annoying to have all the text just appear as i know the audience instinct is to read what arrives then pay attention to the narration. 

Therefore i like to control the appearance of each element on the slide. In Director this was very easy< simply add a pause at any level and a "clicker" (a tiny function that moved the slide forward in the timeline) and i had full control.

I am trying to replicate that type of functionality in SL3 with not too much pain. Are there "pauses" that could be put on the timeline and released by the presenter ?

Philippe JEANTY

Haa... this sounds a lot more promising !

So define the text as arriving by first paragraph, expend the  small triangle in the timeline, shift each piece of text and put a cue point right before each one, then create a trigger that says something like When timelines reaches cue point, wait for user to press space bar ?

Then when the lecture is recorded the cue points can be adjusted to the recording...