Lose text when importing Quizmaker slides into Storyline 360

Jan 11, 2021

I have a number of projects where I am attempting to import older Quizmaker slides into a new Storyline 360 project.  Everything comes across except the text of the answer options (except in the hover state, the hover state is fine).   This has happened in all of the cases I've tried (about 4 projects).

Any ideas?

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Steve!

I'm sorry you're running into this issue where the text isn't imported with the Quizmaker slides. Are there any commonalities between the text that is missing? For example, font, font style, etc.

I'm happy to test the .quiz file on my end if that would be helpful. You can attach it to this discussion using the Add Attachment or upload it privately using this secure upload link.

Steve Lyne

Hi Lauren,

Thanks for your reply.  The font in the original quiz files is Liberation Sans.  I have tried changing the fonts to Arial before importing but the issue still remains.  I have attached two of quiz files I'm using, each created a couple of years ago. 



Ren Gomez

Hi Steve,

Thanks for sharing your file and allowing us to do some testing! It looks like we have a bug that's returned to Storyline 360 where:

Importing a Quizmaker file with a different Story Size causes the answers to be blank after import.

When I changed my story size in Storyline to match the quiz size in Quizmaker, the answers imported as expected. To do this:

In Storyline, go to the Design tab, select Story Size, and choose the settings below to match your Quizmaker quiz size.

This worked for me using Arial, so if you're finding issues with Liberation Sans, check to see that you have that font as an option in Storyline, or change your font in Quizmaker before importing.

I'm sorry this is causing an extra step in your process, but we'll be sure to jump in here when there's news to share on a fix!