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May 19, 2020

Hi There,

I imported question slides from a Storyline 2 file into Storyline360 file. 

For some reason almost all of the distractors for the third option did not copy properly.  In addition, it seems that many of the question options (distractors) each had the hover state, down state, and disabled states change to include different text from the Hover, Down, and Disabled for almost EVERY distractor, forcing me to go through 50 questions and change the state for each one.

My question is:

1. Is this a bug in Storyline?

2.  The source file does not have this problem with the states being changed and it ONLY happened after clicking File > Import > Choose Storyline 2 file, and then ONLY choose the question bank slides.

The .story attachment is the file I imported into (I've fixed most of the issues already except for a couple) and the Storyline 2 file is the one I imported from (OQST-0801-2A Line Locating for 811 Responders.story).




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