losing links on a master slide

Hey all,

When you place a link such as “Jump to 4.1 intro section when the user clicks” on a master slide, then import that whole file into another Storyline file, you lose the link. When looking at the link in the new file, it displays as “unassigned.” I understand why that happens, because you lose the relative location after importing I guess, but is there a way to avoid this in the future?

I was trying to avoid placing the lesson navigation links on each slide (>90 slides) and instead put them on the master slide so I could update all of the common elements in one go. (I had 5 Storyline lesson files I was importing into 1 big Storyline file. It worked out better to keep the lesson files separate instead of maintaining one huge file.) If I only had to do it once, that would be fine, but I had multiple rounds of SME reviews. Any advice?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Margaret,

I can't think of a way to keep this - as you mentioned, it's losing the location based on how you're importing into a new file with different slide numbering and a change into the slide numbering you already have. I think you'll likely need to go back and relink the slides from the master and then ensure the correct masters are applied to the slides you need. 

Perhaps others in the community have some more creative ideas for ways in which to accomplish this.