Low quality font

Aug 31, 2012

Hello all.

I just installed a quite expensive font. An OpenType font.

But my text looks really bad, low quality, eroded and almost unreadable. (See picture)

It does not matter whether it is previewed or published.

Why is that? Why does it not look crisp?
Can you adjust DPI or quality to solve the problem?

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David Anderson

Hi Anders,

I submitted the issue and one of the devs was able to reproduce so it's verified and in the system.

This isn't the case with all OT fonts so there's something about Gotham that's a little different. It's from one of the top foundries so it's not about the font quality. Interesting that Gotham OT renders just as poorly in PowerPoint.

At this point the best option is to work with the TT version (if you have access to it) or render the font in a graphics program. I'm sorry I don't have any more info at this point. Since I filed the issue, I'll receive updates along the way. I'll post back as I receive any news.

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