Luanching StoryLine from a PDF File

Mar 20, 2013

Maybe I am going about this backwards, but I have a complex project that mixes a library of 120 PDF files with StoryLine. As designed, I launch everything off a master menu created in PowerPoint, then converted to a PDF file, then embedded with hyperlinks to the PDF files.

One of the hyperlinks is programmed to take the learner to the StoryLine program (via Launch Story.exe) to view the learning material for the project.

But when I test this in Acrobat, if I click on the Launch Storyline button, I get a message that the administrator (which is me) does not give me permission to run this.  This must be a PDF quirk, and I have not yet found a way around it.

I tried having the Menu button point to Story.html, and that works (opening the SL project in Firefox), but the Exit button on the SL Main Menu slide does not function in that mode-- the user has to exit Firefox to get out of the learning program.  And I suspect this link would not work if the user does not have Firefox installed.

Would I be better calling the Menu from the Resources section and letting the learner start in Story Line and then go to the menu for the PDF documents when instructed?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Richard

Personally? I'd probably use the Storyline to PDF option you mentioned. That, or upload the course to a web server and link to that HTML file. I'm not sure if that's an option for you, though. If it is, it would certainly cut down on the amount of files the user would have to handle, especially if they're already handling 120 PDF files. 

Just a thought :)


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