Hyperlinks not working when printed to PDF - Storyline 360

Jan 16, 2023


I'm trying to create a some sort of a custom learning plan where learners will input certain data and then generate the custom plan in the end. The learning plan will be printed in pdf, however, I noticed that hyperlinks are not active in the generated pdf. Is this normal? Has anyone encountered this issue? and does anyone tried doing something similar?


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André Taylor

This has been an issue with Storyline FOREVER. If you print any slide to PDF and that slide has a hyperlink on a hotspot etc, the link is not there when printed to PDF.

The only way I have found to get links to work when on a slide printed to PDF is to put the actual URL on the screen (ugly). When you open the printed PDF in a reader or a browser, the reader or browser will recognise the URL as a URL and make it clickable text.

With long URLs, you can use a URL shortener service (like TInyURL) to shorten the URLs that you want to put on the screen to be 'printed' to PDF.

@Articulate - Sort this out! This is not a browser issue because if you go to any website that has hyperlinks in text and print to PDF, the links work in the printed PDF. But if you print a Storyline slide with links in it to PDF, the links are gone. A fundamental part of training is to give the learner access to additional resources, and there are times when you need to customise these links for different learners, so they need to be dynamically added to a slide.