Macs & Parallels- Perfect memory balance?

Jul 16, 2015

Hi all,

I have some performance problems with my Mac Mini, and fairly sure it's down to the memory allowance I have given to Parallels.

The computer has 2.4GHZ processor and 16GB RAM. I've allocated up to 15GB for Parallels, and even with just Windows open, I get periods of the rainbow wheel and an unresponsive machine when trying to run Photoshop & Illustrator.

I occasionally run into 'not enough memory' problems to save using Articulate - only when I'm using large or very complex courses - but that has been enough to make me want to avoid reducing the memory allowance.

Has anyone else experienced this and played about to find a good balance of memory allocation?

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Matthew Ash

Illustrator is the biggest culprit- I can generally run photoshop ok on its own. My main problem with freezing is when exporting images from illustrator or photoshop though.

It seems that for some reason the VM is sometimes sucking all the memory just by running windows. But at other times everything runs super quick as you'd expect with that level or hardware. I use a server for storage, so my hard drive is less than a 1/3 full.

Have you previously used Parallels vs Fusion with Articulate? I'll take a closer at look at it.


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