Maintaining Legacy Storyline Player in HTML5 output?

Jan 05, 2017

Is there a setting I'm missing?

Working on a multi-course project initially developed with Storyline v1. There was a lot of work in customizing the player to include some onscreen language as it refers to "Click the Next Button".

With the new Responsive Player for HTML5 output on tablet devices, the legacy (desktop) Storyline Player is non-existent and replaced with the responsive 'black' vertical bar with arrow navigation. 

Functionality and behavior all works fine with no issues, but client prefers the original design of the desktop Player over the new one. 

For cases such as this with legacy projects, is there a setting during publishing I'm not seeing that maintains the desktop Player?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kevin,

There isn't a setting within Storyline 360 to retain the desktop player if the user is accessing the course on a mobile device. It's going to automatically default to the new responsive player. I've heard both here as well in the forums - that some folks want the responsive player in all situations (even on desktop) and some want the original desktop player (even still on mobile). 

I don't have see either of those on our internal road map yet, but a good one to share your thoughts on! 

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