Major Issues with latest update and corrupt file message Storyline 360. Not happy

May 02, 2018

I have been experiencing a continual error message about corrupt data.   I'm on version 6 of the same file.  I've tried importing the Storyline 360 file and I get an error message that has a title for the dialogue box stating Exception during Import Powerpoint.  If lost a ton of time on this I've seen others have had the same problem.  

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Jeannette.  That sounds like a lot of extra work.  To make sure I understand what's happening, it sounds like you open your Storyline file, get the corrupt message, and then you try to import the slides into a new project.  When you import slides from the existing Storyline, it gives you the message Exception during Import PowerPoint.  Is that accurate?

These are the first things that we look for when a corruption error appears:

  • Is the file saved locally to the C: drive?
  • Does the file path have a long name (more than 256 characters)?
  • Do you have any anti-virus, or file back-up software running that could touch the .story file?  If .story files are left open overnight or for long periods of time, they can be left vulnerable to some of these "behind the scenes" processes.

If you'd like to share the latest version of your .story file here, I'm happy to have a look.  Our goal is to make sure you don't keep running into this problem, so let me know what you think!

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Kelsie, 

Sorry to hear that you ran into a similar issue, but thanks for reaching out to our support team.

It looks like Ryan was able to take a look and import your .story file into a new file and the issue was resolved. Be sure to reach back out if you have any further trouble with the file he shared with you.

For anyone else following along, check out this article on importing into a new project file.

nathaly isabelle

Hello Crystal, one of my collegue has corrupt file issue with a project that was important, with a lot of hours invested in. Is it possible to take a look at ? Or one of your collegue, Ryan for example. It could be really great.   I can send it to you if its possible.

Just tell me at what email. I .ll do it by drop box or web cargo.





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