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Jul 31, 2017

Hi, I'm new to Storyline (using SL2) and I'm creating a puzzle activity. Here's the basic concept: The solid-color puzzle pieces (each on a separate layer) cover up the picture beneath them. When the user hovers over a puzzle piece, they will see a word/term definition. The idea is that they drag a term, from the left, onto the appropriate puzzle piece. If they select the correct term, both the term and the puzzle piece disappear to reveal part of the picture beneath.

My challenge is that I want all of the puzzle piece layers to show (covering the picture beneath them) until the user matches the correct term to a piece. Hope this makes sense. I can't figure out how to make all those puzzle piece layers  show from the very beginning. The trigger makes them go away not appear.



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Julie Smith

Thank you Crystal! I figured it out! I put all the pieces on the base layer (like you suggested) and then I changed the state of each piece when I dropped the correct term over the top of the puzzle piece. I made the puzzle piece go away by changing the "correct" state to 100% transparent. I also changed the state on the term so that it would go away as well when dropped on the correct puzzle piece. I completely did not see states as an option at first.

I set up triggers to make all this happen.


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