Make dropped items snap to right of drop targets

Feb 15, 2021


I’m building a Free Form Drag & Drop slide in which the drop targets are smaller than the drop items. For the Drop Target Options, I’m currently using Tile. This makes dropped items snap to the top right of the drop targets (with an offset of some pixels).

However, the design I’m working with dictates that dropped items should snap to the top right of drop targets. (Actually with a specific offset of 0 pixels from the top and 152 pixels from the right.)

None of the Drop Target Options seem to do what I want. Is there (another) way to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance!

(By the way, I’m using Storyline 3.)

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Alexander Dekker

Thank you for your reply and example. That is close to what we need, however: our slide also contains incorrect drop targets that should behave the same way visually (as in, have the same offset). I figured I’d just add a Dropped Incorrect state that behaves similarly to the state in your example, but when I do that, it starts to behave kind of odd, especially when the object is picked up again after dropping it on a target. It appears to keep the offset, even when it’s dragged, or when it’s returned to its initial spot. See attached example.

Is there a way to fix this, or does this require another approach?

Walt Hamilton

Yes, once it turns to Dropped Correct or Dropped Incorrect, it will stay in that state until changed. You can change it by covering the entire slide with a form. Fill it, set it to have 100% transparency, and move it to the back. Then put a trigger on each drag item to change to Normal state when dragged over the shape.

Alexander Dekker

Thanks for your reply. Very clever solution, and that definitely brings us closer to what we want. However, when I try to return an object to its initial position after it has been dropped on a target, it snaps to the center of the slide now for some reason. (See attachment.)

I think it might be related to a software bug described in this discussion, or am I missing something again?

Thanks in advance.