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Garth Yorko, T.E.

So I didi it with a combination of layers and triggers

I created a lyer with the navigation button with a glow and another with the naviagation button without a glow.

When the timeline ends for the base layer, the glow layer shows. when ght eglow layer ends, the no glow layer shows, when the no glow layer ends, the glow layer shows. An so on (infinite loop).

I had to set the layers to reset to initial state when revisiting.

It is a little annoying in that sometimes it seems like you have to doubleclick to go to the next slide, perhaps extednding the dration of the flash will make it better.

Easier to see than explain, see attached.

Jaime McCall

Thanks for the input! I ended up doing about the same thing - only using timed objects on the base layer. Button lasts for two seconds with an outline and is replaced by one without an outline for two seconds. I had too much going on the the layers to use that - but it's a good idea. The repeat in the time-line of the object is a bit tedious to set up, and there is that infinite loop to work in .

Thanks again!