Making a button that sends you back to main slide

I'm working on a presentation where one slide has 15 layers, plus the slide it derives from, making 16 slides. I'm trying to put buttons on the buttom with the ability for the user to go back to the main slide (not the layers, the slide they're attatched to) as it's one of my 16 steps I'm displaying on this slide. I can't seem to do this.

The closest I get is to send the user to the slide, but then it sends them to the last layer they visited, which is not what I want. I want the slide to restart from the beginning.

Is this possible?

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Greg Faust

You can control "When Revisiting" behavior for a slide either in story view or by pulling up the slide properties.

Off the top of my head, I don't remember whether "Reset to initial state" resets which layers are visible. I know you can manually control that by adding a trigger to the base layer that looks like:

Action: Hide Layer

Layer: Layer1

When: When Timeline Starts

Object: 1.1FirstSlide

Repeat this trigger for Layer2, Layer3, etc. If there's a layer that you DO always want visible whenever that slide comes up, replace "Hide Layer" with "Show Layer".

You can also make these triggers conditional. So, for example, your other side can toggle a variable, and if that variable has been toggled, then one of your Hide Layer triggers doesn't fire, and instead a Show Layer trigger fires.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Darryl,

I think this REALLY plain and ONLY functional vanilla slide does what you were asking. As Greg mentions, the "Reset to initial state" setting is the ticket.

I wasn't sure if you also wanted Learners to be able to go directly to the base layer of the main slide if they were on another layer of that slide, so I added that functionality as well.

Slide 1- The Main Slide

Base layer has a Go To Layer 1 button with trigger to layer 1

Also has a "home" button with trigger to jump back to this slide

Layer 1 has a go to Layer 2 button with trigger to layer 2

Layer 2 has a go to Layer 3 trigger with a button to layer 2

Slide properties are set to reset to initial state:

Slide 2 -

Nothing here, but you can use the Prev button to jump back to Slide 1

Slide 3

Has a button with trigger to jump to slide 1

I was doing this up pretty quickly, so I didn't add any "hide layer" triggers to the layers, but you could of course do that.

In all cases, you should be saying the Base layer of Slide 1 when you "click back"

Please shout out with any questions.