Making Objects Spin

Jun 04, 2015

Hello everyone,

I need to find a way to make objects spin. I have had this issue on several courses, one  example is a wheel of fortune spinning circle look. I have an extensive background in after effects but not flash and I don't want to utilize flash in any way. If all else fails I will use Edge but I have found it difficult to insert HTML 5. Another example of an effect I have needed to create is a needle on a scale spinning counter clockwise and the back clockwise. I have not been able to emulate this with a motion path and I don't want to use a spin animation and try and adjust the entrance and exit speed those are to PPT looking.  If anyone has a helpful tip that would be great. Thanks!

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Stoo Potts

Thanks for your reply, Ashley. I checked out that link earlier. The problem when you use states for movement is that the previous state doesn't disappear fast enough. There is a "ghosting" effect by the first state while the second state transitions. What I ended up doing was creating two separate pictures in two position stages and just had them appear and disappear on the timeline. It looks choppier than an appropriate spin would but I guess that is the best I can do at the moment.

Michael Hinze
Stoo Potts

Thanks for the reply, Michael. What kind of "hack" do you have in mind? :-)

That would very much depend on the specific example. I was thinking maybe rapidly cycling through states or somehow stopping a standard spin animation at a particular point. Anyway, sounds like you already came up with a solution.

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