Making player features disappears

Nov 08, 2012

Hi folks,

I'm working on a e-learning project with Articulate. On my home page, I would like to have zero player features such as: Menu, resources and a few other text button that I've created. I know that I can make disappear the ones that come by default for the player, like home and resources but what about they other manually created?

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Nancy Woinoski

All you have to do to hide an object (text, button, symbol, image, video) on a slide is to select it and then click the States tab next to the timeline. You will see an "Initial State:" dropdown menu. Change the dropdown select from Normal to Hidden.

The object will appear hidden until sepcifically tell it not be be by adding a trigger to change the state back to normal.

Hope this helps. 

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Jerson, I am talking about the Storyline Articulate player. You can turn off the next and prvious buttons on the player as you have described but maybe I misunderstood what Manual was asking because I thought he wanted to know how to turn off buttons that he had created himself (not the built in player buttons).

Anyway with your instructions and mine we know have all the bases covered.

Manuel Petersen

Thanks you guys for your answers but this is still not working...

@Nancy: I don't want to hide an object on a specific slide, I want to hide a Player feature (top menu)

@Jerson: Yes, I'm working with Articulate Storyline. If I go to 'Story view' and I selecte the slide, I see the Player freatures options on the bottom right corner but I can only hide Menu, Resources, Glossary, Notes and seekbar . I want to hide other ones that I,ve created as well

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