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Seth Merriam

I'm not the Seth from above, but I was searching for answers to this same question. After reading this thread I came up with a different method that works well for me. It's a little wonky, and I am still using SL1, but is saves me the step of creating anything anywhere else (i.e., using flash, etc.). Here's what I did:

I have a spot where the user types their response to an open ended question. It's a data entry field; I'll call it textEntry01.

Later on in the course I have a button for the learner to "save" their answer(s)... However, since I cannot reliably count on email from the browser, etc., I opted to make the button show a layer/sub-screen that prompts the learner and allows them to copy/paste their answers.

To allow that copy/paste on that layer/sub-screen I created a second data entry field, which I'll call textEntry02 and created a trigger so that when the timeline for that screen/layer starts it sets the variable for the textEntry02 = to the variable for textEntry01, and viola, copiable text.

I also realized I could also simply set the textEntry02 variable equal to the same variable I used for textEntry01 (meaning with the default trigger for the data entry boxes) and then I wouldn't have to use the additional trigger, but for some reason I like the idea of the second one not being able to overwrite the first.

Like I said, a little cloogey, but it seems to work for what I need, so I thought I'd share in case it helps anyone else.