ManyCustomHover States not working as expected (not restored)

Dear all,

check the situation in the .story file below ...

This seems to be a bug.

Am I missing something?

Only the state which is placed last in the trigger stack is restored

when the mouse leaves the area above the object ...

The idea is to have many hover states in relation to the current state of the object

(the object changes state by clicking one of the buttons)

I needed something like this and that's how I came across with the problem ...

Any idea?

Of course there are ways to make it function as it should ...



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nikolaus,

Thanks for sharing your file here - and I'm able to see the behavior on the file you shared, and I was able to replicate it on a new file. I shared this with our QA team for further review, and at this time I don't have any information to share in regards to a fix or workaround, so I would recommend using an alternate method with your project right now. 

Mike Taylor

Hi Nikalaos! One thing you might try is to use separate objects for each color.  You could make the default state for the red, blue and orange buttons hidden and add triggers to change them to normal and hide them appropriately. This would allow you to take advantage of the automatic functioning of the built-in states for hover, etc. and save you from needing to manually add those triggers. 

Making the selection buttons part of a button set would make sure that only one could be selected at any one time. 

Here is a quick sample that seems to work (at least if I'm following correctly!)  8-)

Nikolaos Kypriotakis

Thank you Ashley and Mike!

Nice try Mike ...

BUT my question (and my problem)

has to do with ONE object with many states and many CORRESPONDING hover states ...

I needed something like that in a project

(about DNA replication and transcription) with TOO many objects already ...

The expected behaviour works only with the last (hovering) trigger ...

It seems like Storyline cannot "remember" the initial state (the one which triggered the specific hover state) in order to restore it ...

By the way

that project (with too many objects, layers, triggers etcetera ...) really neeled Storyline down

(although I see my project as a usual and not-too-heavy one)

Storyline was TOO slow in my new STRONG computer

(I was able to run simultanuasly other (many) applications really easily but no ... Storyline was not responsive ...

Is there something we can do to make it faster in such situations?

What is too much or too many for Storyline?

I tried some Groupings etc. but there were also unexpected (and not-wanted, undesiredable) behaviours ...

Ok, I know, this is another story ... for another forum thread ...

Let's stay with hovering for now

Thank you,

and I am looking forward to reading from you soon!