Margin setting in matching drag & drop graded question

Oct 10, 2017

Hi all !

I would like to reduce the size of the boxes to drag and drop in my graded question to avoid the scrolling pannel on the right.

I can't find a way to reduce the margin, adjust the size of the boxes.

I tried to trick the system by creating a regular text box with the desired settings and using the format painter. It seems like it kind of works but does'nt once you preview the slide... =(


Is there any trick or am i just losing my time ?

Thanks !!!



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Tim!

The height of the boxes in the matching question is set at a fixed size by default, but you can change the width by clicking and dragging.

On the other hand, a Freeform Drag-and-Drop interaction will give you the freedom to design the interaction any way you'd like. That might be the way to go, since you're looking for more customization options. ☺️

Tim Esteva

Hi Allyssa

Thanks for the answer, i indeed opted for the free form drag & drop which gives me a much better design. 
But good to know that there is no way to adjust the boxes in the prebuilt question, I won't look for nothing !

The only drawback with the freeform drag & drop slide is that my boxes cannot be shuffled as in the prebuilt question. 
I'm sure there's a way to do it, I started to look it up but the result is not worth the effort to me (create a random number generator, assign a random number to each target box, direct the motion of answer boxes to a spot according to its number, ....).

Have a great day people ! 

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