Margins in Themes

We are updating our ppt background for our SL2 files due to new branding.  A new ppt template was created, imported, and then saved as a theme.  When this new theme/design is applied to existing content, it brings in the background colors and branding okay but it does not adjust the text margins in the new width.  However, if I create a new slide, it pulls the margins that were imported to the theme just fine.

Am I missing a step to get the margins to update to the new theme settings or is this beyond the capacity of the tool?   We could probably leave the margins as is, expect that any new content pages would have the new margins and one way or the other there would be a great deal of manual adjusting.

Any thoughts?


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Amy, 

Are both your Powerpoint file and Storyline file saved to your local hard drive, and can you confirm you're on the latest update of Storyline? Perhaps you could share a screenshot of what you'd expect to see versus what you're actually seeing with the margins. That would help us to try and recreate the behavior on our end.

You're also welcome to share your file with our Support Engineers right here, and they'll work with you one on one to investigate further. :)