Marker Issue in SL2

Oct 12, 2017

I'm experiencing a strange issue with Markers. When I click on the text portion (not the title but the description) within the marker content area, the text appears outside of the box.

I have tried different markers, different slides, different locations on a slide, etc. but it is consistently placing the text outside of the area.

I double-checked my dpi setting and it is correct, so I ruled out this issue.

I took a screen shot and deliberately placed the marker off of the slide a bit for ease of seeing what I mean. It does this no matter where I put the marker.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Edie!

Thanks for sharing your file and I can certainly see why that has been painful to deal with. 

It's something related to that master slide. I can recreate it on a similar layout (1.3), but not on a clean/blank slide (1.2). Attached for reference.

This should help you to get around the issue. Would you be able to recreate you slide master?


Edie Egwuonwu

Thanks! I'll figure something out for the master or just continue with a work-around that I came up with. But this leads me to a bigger question - I've noticed when I import a PPT it seems to tend to have more "buggy" behavior. Are there some rules or best practices about the imported PPT file to reduce the risk of these types of issues? Should it be free of animations for example? Don't mean to hijack this thread so if you want to point me to a thread or something, I'll shush thereafter. :-)

Leslie McKerchie

No need to shush Edie :) You're welcome to continue your conversation here. It's a good question.

Here's our documentation:

Most features in PowerPoint and Articulate Presenter are supported in Articulate Storyline 2, but some aren't. See this article for tips on importing presentations into Storyline.

So, yes, there are things to look out for, but I would not expect it to be 'buggy' in general for sure.

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