Markers won't show text boxes after setting triggers

Jan 20, 2016

Hello everyone,

Being a new user here, i have experimented with Articulate's marker function and am amazed at its functions. However, i have come upon a stumble block whereby after setting triggers on my markers, i am only able to view the text-box in preview mode. In Slide mode, upon clicking the marker, the text box simply does not appear, rendering me from further editing the content in the text box.

The triggers i have set on my markers:

1st trigger: Change state of right marker (marker 2) to "normal" when the user clicks Left Marker (marker 1).

2nd trigger: Change state of right marker (marker 2) to "disabled" when the timeline starts.

I have attached a sample articulate template with 2 slides, one being the "issue" slide and one being the "before setting triggers" slide.

I would greatly appreciate help in solving this issue! Thanks in advance everyone!


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Preston Ruddell

Hello Dean,

I took a look at your file.  I am having no issues editing the text on the marker or viewing it in the preview.  The disabled status worked exactly as it should.  The only thing I can think of is to make sure the editing isn't locked by the timeline.  Make sure these boxes aren't checked:

I hope this helps... sorry I couldn't recreate the issue in your attached file.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dean,

Thanks for reaching out here - and I saw the same thing as Preston, in that clicking on each marker while on the stage slide allowed me to see the text boxes and then be able to edit/update them. Perhaps you could share a video of what you're seeing and experiencing? Also - can you confirm that you're working on project files as described here?  Is it only after adding the triggers that you're seeing it that way? Have you looked to make sure you're not still in the "edit states" tab on the disabled one? 

Dean Kho

Hello Preston and Ashley,

Firstly, a very warm thank you for your swift replies as well as kind support!

@Preston: As per your advice, I have checked to make sure the editing isn't locked by the timeline, however the issue still remains.

@Ashley: Thanks for the comprehensive response! Upon checking the link that you included in your reply, the file I am using is indeed a suitable project file. As a matter of fact, I found out that the issue was actually not that the text box didn't appear, but rather, the text box appeared but without bordering and filling, and I can't seem to make them appear.To reply to both of your questions below the link, yes, I am experiencing this after adding triggers, but thereafter, upon deleting them and creating new markers, the borders and fill of the text boxes are unable to be seen and I have confirmed that I wasn't in the "edit states" tab on either of the markers when this issue occurs.

On the sample file i included, it seems the issue is non-present as of now but on the actual file i am working on, the issue is still present. However, i am unable to share the file or any specific screenshots depicting the data i am working on due to company policy. I have included 2 screenshots showing the lack of a border and fill. Please forgive me for the lack of information to work on! 

Once again, I truly appreciate the help i have received from the both of you and this community!




Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dean,

Thanks for offering some more detail and images. If you're not able to share the .story file here in the forums our team would also be happy to take a look at it privately by sending it along to us here.  You could also try recreating it again in a new file and see if you're able to share that one here with us. 

Dean Kho

Hi Wendy, Ashley, and everyone else,

Sorry for the late reply and thank you all so much for you kind help. It seems that upon trying again on a different slide, the issue does not occur any more. Perhaps it might have been a one-off error/ error on my part that caused this to happen.

Once again, thank you all so much for your swift and detailed responses and i truly appreciate your help!


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