Open multiple markers at the same time?

Jul 09, 2015


I have a diagram that has numbered markers placed on it. Two of the markers represent one step (step 3). I'm trying to create a trigger that will open both of the step 3 markers at the same time when the user hovers over either of them. I've set both markers to "show all on hover" and I have triggers assigned to change the state of the other marker to hover when the user hovers over the marker. The trigger only makes the other marker disappear.  I've attached the slide for reference. Thanks in advance.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for sharing that file here and a description of your set up. I don't believe that more than one marker can open at a time - as they're mention to function independently and be default when you click to open another marker the first marker closes. 

Possibly instead of using the built in markers for those two - what if you set both of them to show a layer when hovered over where the information is displayed? You would than need to also include a trigger to hide the layer - but that set up may work a bit better for your needs. 

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