Marker labels - Description OR title?

Oct 01, 2014

Hey all, sorry if this is a duplicate topic but I tried to search and didn't see any results.

I'm using the marker item to label the features on an image. The marker item works great, but having a few issues with the label. My labels contain very limited text, just a few words and I don't need both a title and description.If I don't put a title in it leaves a large gap at the top of the label, and if I put all the text in the label area, the description then retains the 'Click to add description label' which I can't delete. I tried putting just a blank space in, however then when I resize my label I get the scroll bars in the description area.

Is there a way to adjust the label margins or remove one of the text boxes? I've added ascreenshot to explain!

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Emily Ruby

Hello Anthony,

I tested this, and added a marker, and just added your text to the Title part. you can then change the font, size or color under the home tab. I resized the box and sis not see scrolling bars and could not get the Click to add description to appear.

Could you add your file here so we could take a look? You can use the paperclip icon.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anthony,

I don't believe there is a way to tell the marker to not include either of those fields - but when looking at my own marker text boxes, I'm able to resize the box as a whole and make it so the extra space is not visible. So based on your images, I would suggest changing the text box size for your two bottom images.

Anthony Scott

Thanks for your response! I adjusted the box to chop off the 'Click to add Description' after you pointed out I can edit the font in the top field - duh moment from me! I just wasn't sure if I was missing an option to have the label act as one big text box, rather than two.

I've attached the slide anyway, just so you can see that the 'Click to add description' appears for me. Also notice that the shape adjustinggrab handles seem to have dissappeared! I think it's just me not knowing what I'm doing haha!

Irina Poloubessov

Dear Ashley,
Unfortunately resizing a label box and removing extra white space / not having a text but just a title - does not prevent the rendering of the redundant white space under the marker, when published.
Please see the screenshot - in the Storyline and on iPad I do not have extra space. However on the iPhone (5 SE) you can see that extra white space is rendered, though there is no new line/text/space, anything. Why is it happening and how to prevent? Many thanks!
P.S. not relevant and confidential parts are blurred.

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