Marker Labels Not showing up after I add a trigger.

I'm new to the program and self teaching for the most part. I am having an issue where I place a marker in the slide and add content to my label. I then add a trigger to the marker and low and behold my label disappears. when I click on my marker again,nothing. I don't have the audio only box checked, and it happens to any marker I add after that regardless of if I put a trigger on it or not. click on it, no label. Needless to say I am very frustrated. Has anyone encountered this and if so what was the fix?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Corinne,

I haven't seen the marker label elements just disappear either as you described - so I'd agree with Wendy that we'd likely want to take a look at your .story file to see how it's set up and behaving. As Wendy mentioned you may want to take a look at importing it into a new project as described here as that can help resolve odd behavior within the file that could contribute to corruption. You can review some other guidelines for working on your project file here.