Sep 05, 2023


I want my participants to move to the next slide after they have visited all three markers. The issue is when the participant clicks on the third marker they are redirected right to the next slide.  THE PROBLEM: They do not get to interact with the third marker.

I have one marker that is a trigger to a layer for a video. Another is a trigger to a web link. The third is just a description of the photo. The participants can choose any marker in any order. I have all my markers states changed to visited and normal. 

Any suggestions?


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Walt Hamilton

Set Initial state of Continue button to hidden.

Change state of “Continue” button to Normal when the state of Marker1, Marker2, Marker3 is Visited.

Continue button jumps to next state.


This only works if you do not change the marker states to Visited. Give them a Visited state, and let them change themselves when they are clicked.