Markers default to show all on hover

Dec 17, 2014

Since using SL2 it appears you no longer have a choice when using Markers.  They show as soon as mouse hovers over, even though the "show all on hover" box is not checked.  Some learners view their courses on iPAD and the hover does not work. I need the markers to be clickable.   

Has this changed from SL1 or is this deliberate formatting?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Tex!

When you view markers on iPad, the hover option is not working, this is a known issue that is with our QA team for review. You will need to add something in the description to make them clickable and for use on the iPad. 

Typically with markers, hovering will show the title segment only, and clicking will show the title, description,and any audio associated with the marker.

Tex Hale

Thank you Emily. That works perfectly.  It will be great to have the hover situation resolved for iPads, not just for markers but for items as well.  Is there any reason why the default point size is 8pt - if it's left at that size it's illegible.  Just a thought, not a big issue - just user being a bit picky!!!  Thanks again.

Emily Ruby

Hello Tex!

Glad this is working for you now! When there is updates about the hover issue, I will share it here. I honestly am not sure how defaults are selected for the program, but it may be a smaller font since the marker labels are generally smaller than text boxes. If you would like to submit a feature request for a larger default font, please send it in here.

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