Working with markers in Stroyline 3

Apr 11, 2017

I am currently trialling Storyline 3 and have added markers to a slide.

I want the markers to be clicked - therefore I have unchecked the "Show all on Hover" checkbox yet all the text is appearing on hover. 

I assume this is a bug.  I am using Storyline 3 Evaluation Copy v 3.0.10762.0

I have used the exact slide setting in Storyline 2 without failure in the past and have replicated the same slide in AS 2 and it works as expected.

Attachment 1 shows setting - attachment 2 show with mouse over 'hover'

Please assist


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Ric Gauci

Hi Wendy - in preview mode.

I just checked the preview mode - on desktop mode it works as expected but on tablet and phone modes it shows all on hover - which I guess would be as expected as theres no hover on a tablet or phone :)  - so all good I think.

I'm not used to the different preview modes yet, only second day playing in AS3

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