Markers don't show labels in mobile browsers.

I have a serious issue here that basically kills Storyline for me and my clients. 
Markers' labels don't show at all in Iphones, Ipads or Android browsers.
I can't expect that people will download an app to see the presentation. In real world, they won't.
The labels only have titles, and not the subtext. May this be the cause of the problem?

Can you help?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Marcos -- Thanks so much for reaching out and so sorry to hear of your troubles! May I ask if you would be able to share a sample file (your .story file) so that I can publish it on my machine, and then do some testing on various mobile devices? If you'd like to submit for confidential review, here is the form you would need to do so. 

Marcos Dutra

Here is the file. I really need the markers to work, otherwise there is no content available. 
They won't work in an iPhone, iPad or Android.

I setup the file with option to create the Articulate Mobile Player files, but now the whole presentation is broken in html5 mode in the iPad. 

I also see that one can't pinch and zoom, even on AMP. 

Basically, my client wants everybody to see the presentation in any device, with no hassle.

Thanks for your help.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Marcos -- Thanks for your patience, and if I am understanding the issue you are reporting correctly, I seem to be having the same difficulty when testing on my iPad, so I'd like to subit a support ticket on your behalf for additional technical insights. I plan to follow along with the progress being made on your case and I intend to share updates here for others following along.