Markers Not Working

Hi,  I have 11 Markers on a layer.  They all work fine until I try to review the slide or publish the slide. 

Six of the Markers work as they should, the other five will not open when I review the slide.  There is no hover feature and when I click on them they do not open.  I am at a loss as to what is causing this.  

I have tried replacing them with brand new markers to no avail. 

I added the Published link in case that helps at all.  




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David Schwartz

Hi David,

The problem seems to be the arrows that are sitting above markers in the timeline. They are grabbing the focus instead of the markers. I moved them all down below the markers, and it's working as you'd expect.

It's odd behavior, as the tips of the arrows barely touch the markers, and they don't have hover states, so I don't really understand why this happened.