Markers not opening. Please help!!

Nov 13, 2013

I have put a number of markers on a slide. (Markers are those little circle objects which open up little pockets of information when they are clicked)

Usually the markers work fine but for some reason, several markers won't open on this slide. There are 11 markers on the slide but only some of them open. The others are not clickable and do not do their function.

Please help! Thanks.

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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Kishan.

Have you tried deleting and recreating one or two of the problematic markers to see if you might perhaps have some unseen corruption in your slide?

If this doesn't help, please feel free to send us a copy of your .story project file so that we can take a closer look at the problem with you.  Thanks!

Jerry M

I am having the same problem. I created a slide with 6 markers that worked for awhile, and now the marker text does not display for edit when the marker is selected. I will be recreating the slide from scratch, but because I cannot renumber slides in a scene that means that I will have to recreate all the subsequent slides in this scene as well. The "solution" to start over is completely unsatisfactory. 

Lauren Connelly

Hi Claire!

It sounds like you've already tried several troubleshooting steps! It would be helpful to see what is happening in the course. Would you mind sharing your file so that I can take a look? You can do so by using the "add attachment" button in this discussion. Or you can share the file privately with our Support Engineers by using this link.

Stevie Olver

I believe I'm having a similar problem as Claire. Is there a maximum number of markers recommended or allowed in a course? I'm wondering if I've perhaps overwhelmed the course by using too many? The markers work fine for me during preview mode, and they also work fine for me when I open the published file, however my clients are experiencing an issue where the markers will work fine for a while, and then (for no apparent reason) the markers stop working. They've tried opening the file in several different browsers. They've also experienced this issue on several different laptops. Thoughts? I'm getting ready to delete the markers and create triggers to new layers (which I don't want to have to do), but it's the only thing I can think of at this point to solve for this issue.  

(FYI - I've got 65 markers in the course.)

Jesper Fredskild

HI Storyline 360 crew,

I also have the problems with the Markers. Sometimes they will not open or they opens with just showing the text and not the background. 

Is there any solutions to this problem?

 It's alway the first that is not working.

when you go through the rest of the Markers and then come back to the first, then it works.

Vincent Scoma

Hi Jesper,

Thank you for sharing your file! 

I tested the slide you provided but was having a difficult time recreating the issue you are running into. When the voice narration completes, it appears that the markers are working as intended: 

May I ask if you could share a screen recording of the issue? This would help out greatly to better pinpoint the problem! 

Leslie McKerchie

That's perfect, Jesper. Thank you for sharing what you're seeing.

I am unable to see this behavior. My results are similar to what Vincent shared above:

Do you know what version of Storyline you're using?

You can check by going to:
Help > About Articulate Storyline

We are currently on Build 3.40.22208.0 of Storyline 360. You can read all of the details here.

Jesper Fredskild

I am using the latest version, and I have a colleagues on another computer that has same problem and another colleagues that dont have the problem. Even with new rebuild computer, I still have the problem. It only come on the first marker and it only comes when I click right after the speech has completed. 

I think I need to investigate the conflicting with other software.

Thanks for trying.

Susan Nabonne Beck

Hi. Reopening the thread as this is now happening to me. Two markers in particular are randomly not working. Sometimes the work, sometimes one works and the other does not. It does not depend on the order of click of other markers. You can see what is happening here.

I am using the latest version of 360.