Mass Change State of Trigger

Sep 09, 2019

Hi there,

It would be great if I knew how to apply a Change State of trigger to multiple (in one case, 19) objects on a layer.

The opposite direction for Change State of works like a charm. For example, one can change the state of a single object when all of a selected list of other objects (say those 19 objects) reach a specific state.

Is there a single trigger option for changing the state of 19 objects to one specific state, based one user clicking on 1 separate object?


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Monica Sulecio de Alvarez

I wanted to do exactly the same thing... Creating the 15 triggers (15 in my case) was pretty easy. However, I already had other 20 triggers so it made the list quite long and difficult to navigate and easily spot which ones I already had and which ones I am missing. It looks tidier and it's more helpful if we can have several triggers configured into a single one, as Chris says; just as when we trigger a state for a list of objects based on the state that they reach. Thanks!

Vincent Scoma

Hey Monica and Chris, 

Thank you for reaching out and sharing what you would like to see! 

Consolidating triggers into a single one would be a new feature to Storyline. Here's a bit more about how we work to prioritize feature requests, and if you'd like to see this type of change I'd love to have you share more thoughts with our team as a feature request.

Bert Snow

I'd like to second the value of this feature.

Here's an example of the kind of thing it would be really helpful for:

- When a variable changes, you want to be able to "turn on" (change state) of one object, and turn a bunch of other objects off.  For instance for various kinds of meters or performance visualizations.  

Has anyone put this in as a feature request yet? 

Walt Hamilton

 You have already created the states. Under certain circumstances this can work, Copy them and paste them on a layer. Set their initial state on that layer to the desired state. When the triggering event occurs, show that layer.

Check the sample, with two triggers.

Of, course this doesn't work for times when you have to hide all other layers.

Vojtech Bellus

The need is simple (only it does not have a counterpart in the application), i.e. by clicking on one specific object to achieve a mass change of the states of selected objects plus a pearl for that - only if the selected states do not have a defined state.
I have 7 objects in the image and only one is correct. I first click on one or several incorrect ones, which change the status to the desired one (in my case, Disabled. Then I click on the correct one, and after this click, I would need to change the status of those objects that do not yet have a Disabled status to Disabled, but collectively, in one trigger.
This would help a lot.

Walt Hamilton

In the first place, you do not need to change those that are not Disabled to Disabled. Save time by changing all seven to Disabled, operating on the principle that it doesn't affect anything (negatively or positively) to change an object in the Disabled state to the Disabled state.

If you really want to do it with only one trigger, you could show a layer that has invisible (filled, 98% transparent) objects above the objects you want disabled. Or, if you want a visual indicator, create the disabled state, and paste it on the layer above the object.

Does that seem like a lot of work? My opinion is that the way the system currently exists, this can be implemented with no more work than what you describe.

As is:

1. Select correct object

2. Create trigger to change state of second object when correct object is clicked.

3. Click Copy trigger icon.

4. Click Paste trigger icon six times.

5. (In those triggers) Select object to change from drop-down menu.

As you request:

1. Select correct object

2. Create trigger to change state of second object when correct object is clicked.

5. (In that trigger) Select objects to change from drop-down menu.

In my personal opinion (and you may have a personal opinion that is different), those seven extra clicks will require less time and effort than either of us spent posting here. :)