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I am creating a custom navigation for my organization to use for every story I create. Just with the navigation, no actual content yet, I am already at 13 layers. I would like to create a template or master slide with the navigation on it so I wont have to navigate through 15+ layers for every slide. I tried to just copy all the elements into a master slide but when I paste it, it changes all the formatting for every piece text and button icons.

Is there an easier way to get my navigation on every slide but not have it show every layer in my slide layer panel?


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Andrew Patterson

I never thought of that but I am looking to do the least amount of redesign because it has already been approved and  I have already spent a lot of time designing all the elements.

I loaded it to TempShare and here is the link to give you a little visual of what is going on...

Geert De Rycke

Hi Andrew,

sorry for the late reply... wasn't subscribed to the replies...

It is indeed a nice navigation you got there...

What I would do... If all future course are to have the same look and feel (menu structure/naviagation...) I would:

  1. Copy the file I currently have
  2. Strip all the custom work you done for a specific course (leaving just the bare minimum, menu, colours, menu place holders, resources, disclaimers...)
  3. Save it as a SL template (Save As in the menu)
  4. When you start a new course, you base it on the template SL you just created and import all slides from you template...

This is what we do. We have 5 developers working simultaneously on 1 course. We created a Slide template, which every developers uses for developing his/her slides. And we have a course template which we start assembling the final course by importing the developed slides...