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Christie Pollick

Hi, Greg -- Thanks so much for your questions!

As you mentioned you are already familiar with the many tutorials we have to offer on the subjects, I will defer to your esteemed, fellow community member to weigh in with their ideas and suggestion on the art of mastering Triggers and Variables!

I did want to stop and suggest that our design-related Building Better Courses Forum might also be a great place to post your query for additional tips and tricks. :)

Preston Ruddell

Hello Greg!

One of my favorite things to do is to download different templates for storyline and try to dissect them.  Anytime I see an effect/interaction I like, I try to see how someone else did it until I can build it on my own. 

In addition to the downloads, the E-Learning Challenges are a great place to pick up tips and tricks.  You can usually find one or two downloads from each challenge as well. 

Breaking down other's work is probably one of the best teaching experiences I've had in storyline. 

Walt Hamilton

Go to this discussion  and download her .story file. Then practice with it. Change things and see what effect it has, and try to get it to work for her.

Seriously, hands-on will help a lot.  You can choose any .story file you find here and take it apart and see what makes it go. I personally suggest you use one that doesn't completely work, as that will give you better practice than one that does. I picked that particular one because I want to work on it myself. Even if I don't get around to it in time to help her, I want to learn how to do what she is trying to do.