Matching Drag & Drop answer shuffling option

When editing a matching Drag & Drop question, is there any way to set the answers to "Shuffle" yet disallow one occurrence - namely the result where "Matches" are horizontally across from their corresponding "Choices"? I've been informed by our UAT testers that this results in a less-than-staisfactory experience.


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Cleon McClure

Hi Nancy Woinoski,

I am using a freeform drag and drop, selected the shuffle answers options, to no avail, the answers appear in the same order.. I will greatly appreciate you assistance.  Please take a look at the attached file - what is the correct approach



Nancy Woinoski

Hi Cleon, the shuffle feature does not work when you have the drag and drop set to reveal  1 answer at a time. They will always display in the Drag item sequence (you can see and change the sequence by clicking the ... next to the option.

If you want the drag items to shuffle you have to turn this option off.