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Jul 25, 2012

Hi everyone!

Sending this from London as the excitement mounts for the Olympic games! And the sun has come out too...!!

Anyway, I have a matching drop down quiz, whereby the user has to select the correct definition for a word from a list of 3 possible answers. There are 3 words.

Is there anyway that I can change the background of the matched answer?

So if they pick the correct answer it turns green and if they pick the incorrect answer is turns red?

They get unlimited attempts to get it right but I need a way of indicating which ones are right and wrong.

Many thanks


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Peter Anderson

Hi Shelley!

Not sure exactly which background you're talking about, but here's a job aid to help you quickly identify which parameters in Storyline's player properties are used to control the color of each item on your course player. If you don't see the particular item you're referring to on there, mind attaching a screenshot? Thanks!

Shelley McKay

Hi Peter

I guess I'm referring to the state of the object. I've attached a screenshot; this shows the quiz with the matching drop down. So the 3 words are on the left and the options are on the right. There are the same 3 options for each word and the user has to select the correct definition.

I was wondering if, once the user has made their selection if the state of the selection could be changed to a different colour depending on whether the selection was right or wrong? I'm thinking that it's not possible as all the answers are grouped together in one drop down and aren't separate objects...? But would appreciate some expert advice.

Many thanks


Peter Anderson

Hi Shelley!

Thanks for the screenshot Out of the box, I can't find a way to make that happen, but with Storyline it seems where there's a will, there's a way. I'll keep brainstorming and playing with it, and hopefully the more creative community members can jump in and help, but in the meantime, feel free to suggest it for future builds. Thanks!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jennifer,

The matching drop down hover color is not one that can be modified. I'd definitely suggest sharing your thoughts on your desire/need for this to change in the form of a feature request, as that helps our product development team to know what our users would need and track the total number of requests.

Although, in the other thread I answered for you about setting up a custom drop down, you could change the color using that method.

Lisa Ferris

I've managed to change the hover color in the Matching Drop Down type question via the color theme and controls, so I'm happy about that.  However, if you select from the Drop Down and then hover to make a different selection, the one originally selected is yellow, per attachment.  There is no yellow in any part of the color scheme or in the player colors.  I have checked all controls and accents.  Is this the same issue you were discussing two years ago about it not being able to be changed?  I think I've changed the hover - it's the pesky "already selected" color that is vexing me.  Help?  Thanks.

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