Drag and Drop - User must answer

Hi all -

I have a free form drag-and-drop question that is set to Feedback: None and Score: None. I also have it set to Require: User must answer. However, that requirement is not functioning. When I click Next, the slide advances regardless of how many of the 7 matching interactions on the slide have been completed.

Any idea what I might be missing here?



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Kevin Dixon

What is happening is you are getting at least one right so Storyline thinks the question has been answered. If you try to advance without moving any what happens? The way I do what your trying to do is I change the state when dropped on target and then give the condition not to advance until all the states have changed.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Jennifer:

Quick question: you said you're using a freeforrm D&D, but then you mentioned the Next button. Quiz questions usually use a Submit button. Is there a reason you're not using Submit?

I tested your parameters (I'm using a Submit button)

Feedback:; none

Score: none

Require: user must answer

I have 3 drag and 3 drop items on the slide

and If I don't answer anything, I get the standard "invalid answer" dialog box that appears in Storyline quizzes when Learners don't answer the question

Kevin's suggestion to upload your story file is a good one.