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Aug 08, 2014

Hi all -

I have a free form drag-and-drop question that is set to Feedback: None and Score: None. I also have it set to Require: User must answer. However, that requirement is not functioning. When I click Next, the slide advances regardless of how many of the 7 matching interactions on the slide have been completed.

Any idea what I might be missing here?



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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Jennifer:

Quick question: you said you're using a freeforrm D&D, but then you mentioned the Next button. Quiz questions usually use a Submit button. Is there a reason you're not using Submit?

I tested your parameters (I'm using a Submit button)

Feedback:; none

Score: none

Require: user must answer

I have 3 drag and 3 drop items on the slide

and If I don't answer anything, I get the standard "invalid answer" dialog box that appears in Storyline quizzes when Learners don't answer the question

Kevin's suggestion to upload your story file is a good one.

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