Matching lines in Match quiz in Storyline

Jul 26, 2019


Is it possible to create match lines appear while doing a matching quiz in storyline? Please see the vid attached to see what I am expecting to achieve.

If there is any article of the same pls guide me to the same.



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Chris Dorna

Perhaps this is a good start

In the attached project each line has 3 states (to 1, to 2 and to 3) The starting position is stored in a variabel called Start. When the user clicks on one of the targets first the lines connected to that target are hidden and after this the line between start and the target is shown.

I added a simple soldution to check of the student made the correct connections.

I will start a second post with a not working solution and I just want to know what I didn't see. The attached file to this post works and you can preview it on:

Chris Dorna

This is the not working version of the same project. The idea is that I can change the state of an existing line to hidden when one of the other lines get a state that points to the same target as the line already points to.

For example: When line from 1 has the state to 3 and line from 2 or line from 3 got the state to 3, line from 1 must be hidden. 

This would be a much better solution because it only needs three triggers instead of the nine I used in the first post.

I wonder what I missed (already used the Rubber duck debuging method, but that didn't help. Perhaps the weekend will...