Maximum Size of Scrolling Pan Width and Height

May 18, 2019


I'm attempting to insert 2 pages of text from a Word doc, cutting and pasting into a text box, then moving the text box over the scrolling pane. I have extended the text box longer than the scrolling pane height to see the scroll bar on the right. In preview, the text only scrolls the height of the actual screen size; 540.

The text box, and therefore the scrolling panel are quite long; 2000 px. When searching for this, I saw in the "suggested content" portion of my search, someone had entered that the maximum length for an image was 2024 px. 

Can anyone please provide width and height maximums for the scrolling pane and the objects, images, text boxes, etc. that can be placed over a scrolling pane?

Much appreciated!


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Lawrence Kenji Cautivo

Hi Lisa,

The maximum scrolling panel size would depend on the size of the slide itself, which can be set to a maximum width and height (in pixels) of 2047 x 2047.

Please do keep this tip in mind when adding objects to a scrolling panel:

Although you can add objects to a scrolling panel that are wider than the panel, there won't be a horizontal scroll bar. Scrolling panels only support vertical scrolling.



Lisa Anderson

Hi Kenji and Ashley,

Thank you to both of you for your responses. I eventually figured it out after some time. I truly appreciate the maximum size details Kenji provided. Full disclosure, I was trying to emulate what Elucidat's look and feel, within Storyline, so it could uploaded to LearnDash for my client. 

I love this forum! I do pay it back, when I can, and pay it forward if I think I've stumbled onto something interesting.


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