MC Question Shuffled Answers Not Aligning

Jan 14, 2021

I have a weird thing happening with the shuffled answers for an MC question. The last answer is over on the right. It isn't specific to the content of the answer, whichever one shuffles to the end is aligned this way. Any ideas what might be causing this?

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Elizabeth!

Thanks for raising this and for including a snapshot! I'm having trouble recreating the alignment issue with a graded MC question in Storyline 360 Update 47:


A few clues to help us find the best way forward:

  • Which version of Storyline are you using? Click the Help tab and then About Storyline.
  • Is this happening with any graded MC question slide or a certain one?
  • Are you comfortable with sharing the project file so I can try to replicate the experience? 
Elizabeth Rogers

Hi Katie. Thanks for getting back to me. 

I am in 360 update 47

I've created hundreds of quiz slides in my day, and I've never had this happen before, so I'm not really surprised you weren't able to recreate it. 

I pulled out the slide and put it in the attached. It's still doing it, even in the new project file. So strange. Because I have a deadline, my worst case is to lock the last answer or just stop shuffling the answers. But that's not ideal.

Any insights would be appreciated!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Elizabeth!

Thank you for sharing the .story file! I've noticed the same with your project. 

Here's a quick workaround that put everything back in order:

  1. Copy the answer choices and paste them into a new Multiple Response question.
  2. Delete the answer choices from the Multiple Response question causing the issues. 
  3. Copy the answer choices from the new Multiple Response question and paste them into the original MRQ.

I'm attaching the updated .story file. You'll want to import the slide into the current project you're working on.