media complete trigger not working for website video

Sep 13, 2017

Hello, hoping someone might be able to provide a solution or work-around. In Storyline 2, I've embedded a video from Vimeo. The embed code works and the video plays in the slide. I want the user to have to watch the entire video, and then after its done I want them to return to the previous slide automatically. Logically I used the "media complete" trigger, but the trigger settings dialog box is acting really buggy when I try to apply the trigger to the video. The video shows up in the list of objects I can apply the trigger to, and then disappears! Im linking a 15 second screen capture so you can see what I mean. Any help is appreciated.

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Michael Anderson

Nathan, you can only use the media complete trigger with videos that are embedded into the project itself. If you embed them as a web object, like the vimeo video, then you will need to use some javascript to detect when the video ends. Check out my Vimeo demo project here for an example:

Nathan Solomon

Michael, I just looked at your solution and it's perfect. Only thing I'm stumbling on is replacing your web object with my video. I was previously using Insert ---> Website Video, and then pasting the entire iframe tag into the dialog box. To modify your project file to play my video though what would be best...I can right click it and say "edit web object", but when I paste the iframe tag into there it says invalid.

Nathan Solomon

Russel and Michael, Thanks. Think I'm close but can't get it to work.

I edited the web object in the example project file to point to the index file Russell modified for me. That index file is at

The published story is at

The project file is at

Any guidance is appreciated.


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