'Media failed to load' in embed video

Hey guys,

I am trying to embed a video and getting an error that Media failed to load. 

The media is in an Asset Library in SharePoint 2013 on premises. The embed code is as the following:

<iframe type='text/html' width='640' height='360' src='https://hub.nzcorp.net/sites/newithowto/_layouts/15/videoembedplayer.aspx?site=68c7f6b5de02449cb078a4b7ca714036&amp;web=064b324fb8fc42d091f6494f4b56a316&amp;folder=f34739673b56445984733bbc3340a157&amp;img=http%3A%2F%2Fintranet%2Enzcorp%2Enet%2Fsites%2Fithowto%2FVideo%20Thumbnails%2FReportTicket%5FTitle%2Epng&amp;title=1&amp;lHome=1&amp;lOwner=1'></iframe>

Which is a little bit different than the standard embed codes and perhaps what is causing the error. 

Anyone has experienced that? And better, was able to solve it?

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