Memory Game in Storyline ideas

Aug 11, 2020

Hey there :) 

I am attempting to create a memory game in Storyline and the first step is to get the logic behind it right. 

Basically we have cards with a flipside. This can be solved by states. 

I was thinking to disable/hide the cards when two cards that fit together are selected. 

I thought this could be solved by just adding a script/trigger that works like: 

If x and y = selected: 
    change state of x and y to disabled

But this doesnt seem possible for one because you can't change 2 objects in one script. 

I am am now looking for ideas how to solve this. What are the triggers that should happen when I click one object? 

1) Change state of [object] to selected when user clicks [object]
2) What else
3) What else should happen?

I know there are examples but I am going to make this one barebones, no layers, no feedback slides, nothing like that :) 

Any ideas? :P 

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Elearning Benelux

Things that would help me are probably:

- being able to change a state only under IF statements and no other prerequisites like user clicks or timeline starts/reaches 
- being able to change multiple objects' states in one trigger.
- being able to trigger based on multiple states not just one specific state so I can just use the IF statement to trigger rather than a prerequisite that is not reachable :P

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